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Sunday, 23 June 2013


T-shirt - Men's Primark / Lace cycling shorts - H&M (old) / Creepers - eBay

I am loving the dip dye trend. I've already done my hair so I thought I would try it on some clothes too.

DIY dying is great because it's super cheap in comparison to what you pay for a pre-dyed top on the high street and it's also fun to do!

What you need:
Dylon hand wash dye
Rubber gloves
A bucket
A top to dye
Table salt
Rubber bands (for tie dye)

I just went to Primark and grabbed a Men's medium white t-shirt and a women's white crop top. I bought my dye from Wilkinson's - they have a great selection and it's just £2.99.

Dip Dye

1. Follow the instructions on the dye packet for how to mix the dye and the water. I have chosen 'antique grey' for my dip dye. I halved all of the quantities so that I can use the rest of the dye another time.

2. Wet the part of the top that you want to dye (the top in my case).

3. I found it useful to put the non-dying part on a hanger so that you are sure not to get dye on it.

4. Gradually, every couple of minutes move the top a couple of inches out of the dye.

5. Once you have removed the top from the bucket, wash to dyed bit in cold water. I wrapped the white section in a plastic bag for this to avoid splash marks.

6. Machine wash at 40 degrees with powder.

7. After the top had dried, I made slits up the sides and sewed the sleeves turned up to make it a bit more feminine.

Crop top - Primark / Leather shorts - vintage / Creepers - eBay

Tie Dye

1. First you need to decide on the design you want. I have chosen vertical stripes, which are created by folding the top length ways and then putting elastic bands along at intervals. Other options are horizontal stripes or circles, for which you would put the first band around the middle of the top and work outwards.

2. Wet the top.

3. Submerge the top in dye (I chose navy for this one). I left mine in the dye for about 30 minutes because I didn't want it to be too dark.

4. Cut the elastic bands off and wash in cold water. 

5. Machina wash at 40 degrees with powder.

TOP TIP: To save money on dye, dip dye one top at the same time at tie dying another!

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June Wishlist

Cat face body - YAYER / Féline Tee - Love From Misbehave / Boots - Office / Shoes - Fashion Union  / Raincoat - Asos

So, judging from this month's Wishist, I'm going through a grudge and cat phase. Well, to be honest my whole life is a cat phase and I love both of these cat related tops. The Yayer body is so cute, especially with tail on the back! I think it has been styled perfectly with the denim shorts. I have been looking for a casual grey tee and this one is ideal with the feline reference. Chunky shoes are definitely a trend that I can get on board with this season! I have actually already ordered these incredible Office boots but wanted to include them on the Wishlist anyway. Cut out boots are a new style and being half boot and half sandal they are perfect for our unpredictable climate. The Doc Martens style shoes are a great cheaper alternative for a classic look but unfortunately they don't currently have my size. And finally, as I'm in the festival mood, I was checking out PVC raincoats and found this lovely one on Asos. I don't think I can justify the purchase because I have a good enough (albeit boring) mac for Glastonbury but if I didn't I would definitely be getting this one!

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Festival Outfit #3

Dungarees - vintage / Crop top - Motel / Shoes - Converse

Dungarees are one of the looks of the season. I got these last summer from my favourite vintage shop in Paris for just €10. (I will be doing a guide to vintage shopping in Paris soon!) They're comfortable, cute and bring out the inner child in all of us. However, I think they can be quite difficult to wear, so here are some tips. 

With baggy dungarees like mine, the top worn underneath is important. I favour feminine tops over loose t-shirts and here, I have chosen a floral crop top, which stops the dungarees looking frumpy. Alternatively, lace is a great material for wearing underneath dungarees, like in this outfit that I wore constantly on my holidays last summer.

Dungarees are great for festivals and holidays because they are so versatile. Just add a cute vintage jumper underneath as the festival's evening chill arrives. 

Do you have any tips for wearing dungarees?

Happy styling!

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Festival Outfit #2

Top - Topshop (old) / Levi shorts - vintage / Belt - Topshop (old) / Shirt - Oxfam vintage / Wellies - Hunter

This is a classic and staple festival look. Both and shorts and top are so versatile that no girl should be going to a festival without them (or similar). These shorts also look great with a crop top if you feel like flashing some skin! I wish I could, but to honest, I always feel too self-conscious! This lovely floral shirt made from loose, thin material was bought at my first Glastonbury in 2008 and was a bargain for just £5. I bought it from the Oxfam Festival shop and I wore it all weekend. Male or female, you should have a festival shirt. This adaptable item can be worn either buttoned up with leggings or jeans or open as a light jacket when the sun predictably hides behind the clouds.

What do you think of this outfit?

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Festival Outfit #1

Dress - River Island / Bum bag - vintage / Wellies - Hunter / Necklace - vintage / Hat - Marks & Spencer (old)

As promised, this is the first in my series of festival outfit ideas! I am definitely going to be taking this outfit to Glastonbury. Midi dresses are perfect for festivals because they look great with wellies and you don't have to worry about them being too short. Tie dye is a must-have print, especially for somewhere like Glastonbury with its hippy vibe. I love how the bum bag also acts as a waist belt with this t-shirt dress. And what do you think about the hat? I mentioned to my mum that I wanted a summer hat and she produces this from her collection. I think it's great but I will still be on the look out for a floppier version. 

Please check out my festival essentials post below.

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Festival Season

Today it is the first of June and we all know what that means: Festival Season is officially and finally upon us. Glastonbury is THIS month and I cannot wait. My ticket was delivered last week and ever since then I have been mentally planning outfits. I thought it would be fun to do a short series of festival outfit ideas as well as providing a list of my essentials below, that way we can all share ideas and get excited together!

The Essentials 

Over the knee socks - Topshop / Trainers - Converse / Hunter wellies / Bum bag - vintage / Raincoat - Kag in a Bag / Sunglasses - Rayban / Glastonbury Tote Bag

Festival fashion is all about balance: between looking good and being comfortable, and having been to quite a few festivals in my time, I know how demanding the festival environment can be on the body. So this year I have made two changes to my essentials list to improve my comfort and style. I have swapped my cheap Dunlop wellies for Hunters, and in a way I’m hoping for some rain so I will have the use of them! Only kidding (kind of) but they are so comfy! Definitely worth the investment. Also, I’ve purchased a bum bag to take over from my usual cross shoulder bag, which always gives me such shoulder ache.

Do you have any other tips for keeping comfortable and fashionable at festivals? 

Look out for a few festival outfit posts coming up!

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