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Monday, 24 March 2014

Boho Chic

Vintage leather jacket / Vintage crochet jumper / Vintage Levi shorts / Doc Marten boots

I wish I had been able to shoot these photos in a meadow filled with long grass and wild flowers. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, Paris does not have such a hippy field so I went for a street setting. Isn't this leather jacket just too cool?! If I'm honest, I used to be a bit tassle-phobic but because of my friend Jess' hilarious obsession with them, I have grown to love them. Owning a tasselled leather jacket is fully committing to the cause and I love it. 

The jacket goes perfectly with the boho vibe I'm channelling with the rest of the outfit. This crochet jumper is going to be great for summer evenings, thrown over the top of denim shorts like this. I was actually going to chuck out these shorts because they are way too big but I actually really like them as hipster baggy shorts rather than the usual high-waisted look. This is an outfit I can really see myself wearing at Glastonbury and yes I am already planning looks because it is always the highlight of my summer! Right I'm off to daydream about sitting in a muddy field, surrounded by the sound of amazing music and sipping on a cold Brothers cider...

Izzie x

Je souhaite qu’on ait pu prendre ces photos dans une prairie pleine de l’herbe longue et des fleurs sauvages. Malheureusement, et sans surprise, Paris n’a pas un quel champ hippy alors vous avez un cadre de rue. La veste en cuir est juste trop cool, non ?! Pour être complètement honnête, j’étais un peu ‘gland-phobique’ mais grâce à ma copine Jess qui a une obsession hilaire des glands, je suis devenue fan. En possédant une veste en cuir avec des glands, je suis dévouée à la tendance et je le kit !

La veste va parfaitement avec ce look hippy que je porte. Ce pull crochet sera super pour les soirées d’été, avec un short en jean comme j’ai mis. En fait, j’allais jeter ce short parce qu’il est beaucoup trop grand mais je l’aime bien comme cela, un peu baggy et de taille basse, au lieu du look classique de taille haut. C’est un look que je pourrais porter au festival Glastonbury, et oui je pense déjà aux looks que je mettrai car c’est toujours le temps fort de l’été pour moi ! Alors, je vais rêver d’être assise dans un champ boueux, entouré par le son de la musique magnifique et buvant un cidre froid… 

Bisous, Izzie

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Pleats and Nikes

Asos Leather jacket (old) / eBay top / Vintage skirt / Nike Free trainers

Look at the colour of these Nikes! Aren't they amazing?! I wasn't going to succumb to the trainer trend because even though I think it looks great, I thought it might be quite short lived. But I could not resist these pastel-yet-bright baby blue beauties and who knows, maybe I'll start running now (nah, swimming and yoga is quite enough exercise!). 

Bright trainers look best paired with a simple, monochrome outfit so I styled mine with a leather jacket, my classic black crop top and my new vintage pleated cream skirt, which is perfect for Spring days and is so comfortable! The pleated skirt is the new skater skirt for SS14 and I am definitely on board!

Izzie x

Regardez la couleur de ces Nikes ! Ils sont grave magnifiques, non ?! Je n’allais pas succomber à la tendance de baskets parce que, même si je l’aime bien, je pensais qu’elle peut être de courte durée. Cependant, je ne pouvais pas résister ces beaux baskets bleu ciel, une couleur pastel mais vive. Et qui saura, peut-être je commencerai à courir maintenant (non, faire de la natation et du yoga suffit !).

Je pense qu’il est mieux de porter des baskets d’une couleur vive avec un look simple et monochrome. Alors, j’ai mis les miens avec une veste en cuir, mon haut court noir et classique et ma nouvelle jupe plissée crème vintage, qui est parfaite pour les jours de printemps et elle est si confortable ! La jupe plissée est la nouvelle jupe skateuse pour printemps-été 14 et je suis d'accord!

Bisous, Izzie

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sandal Wishlist

Clockwise from top left:

I am all about chunky, platformed but comfortable sandals worn with cute socks for Spring/Summer 14 and I love all of these - how will I choose?! I really like the open toe and ankle strap features on the Asos, The White Pepper and Missguided ones. But I am really loving the gladiator-slash-boot style as seen in the New Look and Shelleys sandals. They look really sturdy and comfortable.

Which are your favourite pair?

 Izzie x

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Spring Sunday

eBay top / Vintage trousers / Vintage coat / Converse boots / Rayban sunglasses

Yesterday, Lewis and I thought we would make the most of the free public transport this weekend, due to the extremely high pollution levels in Paris, and make a trip out of the city. In 45 minutes we were in the beautiful town of Fontainebleau where we relaxed in the gardens of the Castle, having a picnic, feeding the ducks and going for stroll. It was really picturesque. 

This casual outfit is perfect for a relaxing Sunday like this. The trousers are so comfortable and loose that they are great for this transitional weather. Of course I love the fact that they are floral too, which is going to be huge this Spring/Summer. 

What do you think of this outfit?

Izzie x

Hier, Lewis et moi avons pensé qu’il faut profiter du transport en commun gratuit ce week-end, dû aux niveaux très élevés de pollution dans Paris, et nous avons voyagé en campagne. En 45 minutes, nous étions dans la belle ville de Fontainebleau où nous nous sommes relaxés dans les jardins du Château. Nous avons fait un pique-nique, nourrit les canards et se baladé. C’était vachement pittoresque.

Ce look décontracté est parfait pour un dimanche reposant comme cela. Le pantalon est si confortable et ample qu’il est génial pour ce temps de transition. Bien sûr, je kif le fait qu’il est fleuri aussi, une tendance qui sera très grande ce printemps/été.

Qu’est-ce que vous en pensez de ce look ?

Bisous, Izzie

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Featured: Guest Post for Motel Rocks at Paris Fashion Week

As well as attending Paris Fashion Week for my own fun, I was also reporting for one of my favourite British brands and former employer, Motel Rocks. I sent street style images, which appeared on their Instagram and wrote a guest post for their blog which you can check out here.

Izzie x

P.S. You can get 20% off at Motel Rocks if you use code izzie_h at the checkout!

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Paris Fashion Week Street Style

During Fashion Week the streets of Paris became full of stylish people. Don't get me wrong, Paris does usually live up to its reputation as being a very chic city but last week you could just tell that fashion was in the air. Being the capital of course there are some more edgily dressed people in here but generally the French are quite conservative when it comes to fashion. So it was a breath of fresh air to see all of the fab styles and looks at Paris Fashion Week and here are my favourites...

The trainer trend is in full flow and I am so on board! I spotted lots of girls at Fashion Week sporting Nike, New Balance and slip-on trainers. I got chatting to the girl on the right and she works for Cosmopolitan Finland! I really loved the layering of her outfits as well as all the different textures!

To my delight, pastel colours made an appearance on the streets of Paris, showing that the dark colours of winter are behind us. The great thing about pastel colours is that you can either wear one statement piece or they look great all together! I mixed pastels and winter burgundy in my PFW outfit, which you can check out here.

Despite the gloomy sky, I saw lots of bright and neon colours! These skirts look great and I think the ice cream lolly jumper is fab! (Haha Fab, geddit?)

Although I'm not sure I could pull them off, I love long coats! The girl on the left has such an effortless with the different shades of black and grey topped off with bright pink lipstick and a gold chain. I'm also mad about the socks-in-heels trend, which is going on in this transitional period. 

I think these accessories are great! I love the look of a see-through bag but the safety conscious part of me would always be worrying about a thief spying something they wanted! This mesh backpack is good because it doesn't give too much away. I love the 90s inspired neon turquoise plastic bag - makes me think of inflatable backpacks!

I just had to include this picture because it's a great photo and I love her sequin neck!

So these are the best dressed of Paris Fashion Week, look out for my post on the weird and not-so-wonderful looks from the fashion capital of the world.

Izzie x

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Issey Miyake AW14 at Paris Fashion Week

On Friday I was lucky enough to attend the Issey Miyake AW14 show at the Espace Ephemère in the Tuileries gardens, which was the perfect setting for the show to come. The show was entitled Rhythmatic Forest as the collection is inspired by the pulse of forest life and the plants within it.

The show started with a guitarist and singer playing enchanting and hypnotic music at the top of the catwalk where from they continued to play for the entire show. Then came the models, dressed in simple clothes and carrying intriguing semi-circular coloured handbags. They stopped, opened the bags flat on the ground and produced a circular dress or jacket, which they then put on. This was scene 1 entitled ‘Tree Ring’ where the clothes were all designed to transform into compact circular shapes when placed on a flat surface. Just amazing. 

The rest of the collection included lots of layers, textures, curves, metallic colours and a hell of a lot of pleats. The clothes looked fabulous on the catwalk because as the models walked, the clothes bounced and rippled beautifully thanks to the pleats. It was an amazing show and I’m already excited for AW14!

Izzie x

Vendredi dernier, j’ai eu la chance d’aller au défilé d’Issey Miyake pour voir sa collection d’automne-hiver 2014-2015. Le défilé a eu lieu à l’Espace Éphémère Tuileries qui était le cadre parfait pour ce qui viendrait. Le titre du défilé était « Rhythmatic Forest » car sa collection a été inspirée par la pulsation de la vie de forêt et les plantes à l’intérieur.

Le défilé a commencé avec la musique captivante et hypnotique joué par une guitariste et une chanteuse. Elles l’ont joué de la tête du podium et elles ont continué de jouer pendant le défilé entier. Ensuite les modèles sont entrés, habillées en vêtements simples et elles portaient des sacs à main colorés semi-circulaire fascinants. Elles ont arrêté, ouvert les sacs à main et les mis plats par terre. Ensuite, les modèles ont produit des robes ou vestes circulaires des sacs et elles les ont mis. Cela était la première scène qui était intitulé « Tree Ring » et tous les vêtements peuvent devenir les formes circulaires et compacts quand on les met sur une surface plate. Magnifique !

Le reste de la collection a inclus beaucoup de couches, textures, courbes, couleurs métalliques et plein de plissées ! Les vêtements étaient super sur le podium parce que comme les modèles marchaient, les vêtements sautaient et ondulaient dans une belle façon grâce aux plissées. C’était un défilé magnifique et je suis déjà enthousiaste de la saison automne-hiver 2014-2015 !

Bisous, Izzie

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