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Monday, 29 September 2014

PFW: Cédric Charlier X Petit Bateau

On Friday night I was lucky enough to go to the capsule collection launch of Cédric Charlier X Petit Bateau at the Palais de Tokyo. Belgian designer and former Artistic Director at Cacherel, Cédric Charlier collaborates with French children's wear brand Le Petit Bateau to create a dynamic collection, featuring the iconic Petit Bateau stripes, of course. The clothes pay tribute to the art of movement, which is demonstrated in the beautiful installation images and contemporary dance show with the dancers wearing the collection. Stripes are one of my massive weaknesses, I think I have bought about 5 different striped tops since being in Paris, so I loved the collection. The quality of the clothes is excellent, being made from thick, soft cotton I can imagine it would be very comfortable to wear!

Keep checking back for more Paris Fashion Week posts throughout the next week and follow me on Instagram for instant updates!

Izzie x

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

PFW: What I wore

Motel Rocks trousers (c/o) / eBay black top / Vintage mesh top / Adidas Stan Smith trainers
Location: Palais de Tokyo, Paris 

This is what I wore yesterday at Paris Fashion Week. As well as doing work for my blog, I am also Motel Rocks' PFW reporter so they sent me some lovely items to wear. I just love the colour and cut of these trousers, although they do come up a bit big so I would advise sizing down. I like mixing different styles and for this look I'm bringing together tailored chic and sporty, relaxed vibes. What do you think?

Izzie x

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

PFW: Days 1 & 2 Roundup

Vionnet presented a Greek inspired collection for SS15, using whites, beiges, greys with the odd pop of cobalt blue and black. The use of layered and over-lapping fabrics shows how togas inspired the collection. The models look like Greek Goddesses in the long, flowing gowns made of mesh, sheer fabrics, which makes the collection very powerful. Finally, I have to mention the shoes. Vionnet’s take on the gladiator sandal is just fantastic. The trainer trend is combined with long thick gladiator-esque straps for some looks and for others the straps are so thin they are barely visible. Love it.

For me Balenciaga's SS15 collection is just perfect as it incorporates most of the things I am mad about right now. The use of sheer and mesh fabrics with strong, scuba trims is a contrast that works really well. Once again I loved the monochrome and pastel colours, which seems a theme for SS15 – works for me! The tailoured floor length coats and hot pants are the cherry on the top of a wonderful cake.

The Modern Victorian vibes of Aganovich's SS15 collection are amazing, with lots of layered fabrics, ruffles and high collars, it seems this trend is going to continue from AW14 into next year. Again, I'm loving use of monochrome and red so this collection is right up my street.

The Guy Laroche collection is really varied so, overall, it is hard to decide what I think of it. There were certainly aspects that were not to my taste, such as the leather panel dresses at the start and the garish yellow and navy design on some of the dresses and skirts. However, I really like the 60s style mini length and cut of the dresses and skirts and the A-line shapes. My favourite pieces include the lace black dress with shirt collar, the navy dungarees and, of course, the embellished sequin slip dresses. 

“There was no soundtrack to begin, just the chirp of birds tweeting - or was that in fact just the audience all heads down and finger tapping into the oblivion of their phones? And was this perhaps a reminder - if not on purpose but quite brilliantly by accident - about what tweeting used to mean? The sound of nature, not technology.” (

Dries Van Noten, I salute you. What a lovely back to nature and hippy collection, which is refreshing among the monochrome and pastel tailoured collections so far at PFW. With a mossy catwalk under foot, the models show off Van Noten’s bright yet forest-coloured pieces. Each outfits brings together at least 4 different and usually clashing colours, but it just works. Not only do the colours clash, so do the beautiful prints but perhaps that is what the back to basics message is all about - stop over thinking outfits and just go with it.

What are your favourite collections so far at Paris Fashion Week?

Izzie x

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

PFW: Etienne Deroeux X Le Mont Saint Michel

Location: Le Mont Saint Michel, 96 rue Veuille du Temple, Paris

Paris Fashion Week commenced yesterday and I kicked things off by attending the capsule collection launch of Etienne Derœux X Le Mont Saint Michel. I went with my friend Gina, who is Etienne's wholesale executive for Paris Fashion Week so it was nice to start with an event that felt a bit more personal. 

The collection brings together Etienne Derœux's sport luxe style and Le Mont Saint Michel's work-wear influence and the result is beautiful. The clothes are simple yet unique and very wearable and the monochrome and pastel colours used meant the collection was instantly right up my street. I am a huge knitwear fan so I adored the chunky, soft jumpers that made me excited to get cosy in my jumper collection over the coming winter months. The graphic print silk shirt is the stand out piece of the collection and it looks great styled with a cropped jumper over the top, as seen in the last photo. And how fun are the woollen hot pants?! Perfect for keeping your bum warm under a black sheer skirt or trousers!

Keep checking back for more Paris Fashion Week posts throughout the next week and follow me on Instagram for instant updates! 

Izzie x 

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Sixties Inspiration

Photo credits: Google

One of the things that I love about fashion is how previous trends always come around again with a slight update and my favourite revived trend this season has to be the Swinging Sixties. I have always loved the bright mini skirts, bold eye make up and beehive hair of the sixties so here are some inspiration images to get us even more in the mood for this trend. This season think bright pastel colours, bold faux furs and mini mini skirts, whether they be A-line or skater. I'm planning a sixties style outfit post soon featuring a gorgeous yellow mini dress so stay tuned for that. Peace. 

P.S. I love Twiggy.

Izzie x

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Simple and Sporty

H&M T-shirt dress / Adidas Stan Smith trainers
Location: just off rue Veuille du Temple, Paris

I could not help myself. I have been obsessing over Adidas Stan Smith trainers for a while now so this weekend I thought, "fuck it, I'm just going to get them". I have not bought new shoes for a few months, no thanks to my bank balance (sob), so I was due. I also could not resist this bargain 6€ t-shirt dress from H&M, yes I am holding onto summer and bare legs for dear life. And I know what you're thinking - no vintage in sight - I am shocked as well. 

I have been eyeing up this location to shoot blog posts for ages as it is on my route to work. What do you guys think? With such a simple outfit, the colourful and interesting graffiti works well to really spice up the photos. 

Izzie x

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Culottes & Crochet

Vintage suede culottes / eBay top / Vintage crochet gilet / Topshop belt (old) / Nike Free 5.0 trainers

A great transitional outfit for this burst of nice weather we have been having in Paris. I love the masculine shape and cut of these suede culottes, which go perfectly with my bright kicks (and have you spotted I have matching nails too?!). One reason I will be sad to see summer go is that I will no longer be able to wear crochet, a style that I have fallen in love with this season.

Izzie x 

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Monday, 1 September 2014

The Jean of Dreams

Vintage Levi jeans / Vintage top / Boutique backpack / New Look sandals
Location: Port d'Arsenal

I have finally found my perfect pair of Levi vintage jeans. Life complete. Just a casual transitional outfit for a Saturday stroll by the canal. These mirrored windows were pretty fun to pose by, I love shooting in different and unique areas and Paris is full of them.

Izzie x

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