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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Paris Guide: Marché des Enfants Rouges

Marché des enfants rouges Paris, market marais
Marché des enfants rouges Paris flower and food market marais
A couple of weeks ago, my mum was visiting and we decided to check out what was on offer for lunch at the Marché des Enfants Rouges, just around the corner from my flat in the 3rd arrondissement. I have heard great things about the food here but have always been put off by the hustle and bustle and complicated (but actually not complicated) system of getting a table.
Parisians eating outdoors at Marché des enfants rouges Paris
Where to eat good Lebanese food and falafel in Paris Marché des enfants rouges
The Marché des Enfants Rouges is now a listed historic monument that was set up in 1615 (!!) and takes it name from from the orphans dressed in red taken in by the Hotel-Dieu de Paris hospital. Legend has it that a medium predicted that the surrounding houses would collapse if the market was ever destroyed and luckily it recently escaped demolition. Now, after that history lesson, let's talk food. 
Falafel, humous, lebanese mezze at marché des enfants rouges Paris
There's lots of choice of food, from fresh italian pasta to sushi and burgers but we went for the Lebanese counter. We just grabbed a waiter and she sorted us out with a table in no time. Between the three of us, we shared a mezze platter for which we chose lots of falafels, humous, aubergine chips, tabouleh, cold moussaka and greek salad. All that for 45€, which I admit is quite steep but that's split between three people and it's filling enough to be your main meal of the day. 
Where to eat good Lebanese food in Le Marais Paris
As well as having various sit down food places, the market does serve as a traditional market with lots of food stalls where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. I also love the photography shop, which is great for rummaging through boxes of random old photographs.
Photography shop in Le Marais, Marché des enfants rouges Paris

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Modern Grandma

How to wear/style a wool gilet
How to layer in the summer
How to style vintage clothes for current fashion trends
Patterned wool gilet for ss15 and aw15
My favourite Mac lipstick So Chaud and Topshop white crop top
Seventies patterned wool gilet ss15
How to style Dr Martens shoes with rolled up jeans
Vintage jeans and gilet / Topshop white crop top / Dr Martens shoes / Mac So Chaud lipstick
Location: Archives Nationales, 75003 Paris

Hello lovelies! Sorry it has been a while - I have been non-stop this past week with visitors and lots of fun happenings in Paris, like doing a clothing fair that my friend organised and jumping around to an Irish brass band playing awesome noughties covers at Fête de la Musique.

Ok, so after that little catch up, we can get back to today's outfit. Let's face it - woollen gilets aren't exactly at the top of every girls' wishlist. They're pretty grandma but when I saw this one with it's amazing seventies pattern for just 1€, I thought I'd give it a go and….I actually love this look! It's a great way to do summer layering when it's a bit nippy and in the winter I'll wear the gilet over a frilly blouse for even more modern grandma/seventies vibes. Peace out guys.

Coucou les chéris! Je suis désolée pour l'absence - j'étais vraiment occupé récemment avec des gens qui me rendent visite, en faisant un vide dressing que ma copine a organisé et en dansant à un groupe en cuivres irlandais à la Fête de Musique. 

Bon, après avoir te donné mes nouvelles, on peut parler de la tenue du jour maintenant! Honnêtement  un gilet sans manche en laine n'est pas le must-have de rêve pour toutes les filles. Il est assez mamie mais quand j'ai vu celui-ci avec son motif magnifique des années 70s pour juste 1€, je voulais tester….et voilà je kiffe ce look! C'est un bon façon de faire des couches d'été quand il fait un peu froid, et en hiver je le mettrais sur un chemisier romantique pour un look beaucoup plus mamie/années 70s. Bisous.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

White & Green

Topshop white crop top, tailored green and white stripy shorts and Adidas Stan Smiths
Topshop white crop top, Alex Monroe baby bee necklace and Mac So Chaud lipstick
How to style Adidas Stan Smiths in summer ss15 trends
Topshop white crop top, tailored green and white stripy shorts and Adidas Stan Smiths
Topshop white cami crop top
Vintage stripy shorts / Topshop white top (old) / Adidas Stan Smiths / Mac So Chaud lipstick / Alex Monroe baby bee necklace
Location: Archives Nationales, 75003 Paris

Hello my lovelies! Aren't you all just so pleased that summer is finally here to stay?! I know I am - I love having bare legs and wearing cute little tops so this outfit is one of my current faves. Granted, I could be off to play tennis but I actually embrace that!

I'm normally a denim shorts girl through and through all summer long but these tailored shorts are just the best. They have a nice loose yet structured shape, which makes them super comfortable and I love the light green stripes. I will certainly be looking out for some more similar ones to add to my summer wardrobe.

Coucou! J'espère que tu es si content que moi que l'été reste enfin! J'aime trop avoir les jambes nues et porter des petits haut mignons du coup ce look est un de mes préférés actuels. J'avoue que je pourrais jouer du tennis dans cette tenue mais je la kiffe!

Normalement, je ne porte que des shorts en jean pendant tout l'été mais ce short ajusté est vachement génial. Il a une coupe ample mais structurée alors il est super confortable et j'aime bien les rayures vertes claires. C'est sûr que je chercherai des shorts similaires pour ajouter à mon placard d'été. 

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Born in the 90s

How to style nineties grunge denim skirt, daisy socks and Dr Martens
SS15 trends stripy striped top
SS15 trends striped stripy top, denim skirt and Dr Martens
Nineties grunge Dr Martens black shoes and Primark daisy socks
Short hair bob half up in clip, haircut, hair style
Vintage striped top and denim skirt / Dr Martens shoes / Primark socks
Location: Near Tour Saint-Jacques, 75001 Paris

I was born just 6 days into the start of the 90s so, despite loving current 60s and 70s trends, it's always fun to wear something that reminds me of growing up. Spice Girls and boy bands aside, the 90s was also known for its grunge movement within which Dr Martens and straight denim skirts were the uniform of choice. I've added these girly daisy socks from Primark and paired the skirt with a casual striped top to change up the classic 90s look and give it a 2015 inspired makeover. Fashion trends are always coming round again so it's all about being inventive to keep the looks fresh.

Je suis née juste 6 jours après que les années 90s ont commencé du coup, même si je kiffe les tendances actuelles des années 60s et 70s, j'aime trop me mettre dans une tenue inspirée de la première époque de ma vie. A part de Spice Girls et des boy bands, on reconnait aussi les années 90s pour le mouvement grunge dans lequel on portait des Dr Martens et des jupes en jean droites. Ici, j'ai ajouté ces chaussettes de fille de Primark et j'ai mis la jupe avec une marinière ample pour changer un peu le look 90s et donner cet outfit un relooking inspiré de 2015. Les tendances de mode reviennent et reviennent souvent du coup il faut être créatif pour porter des nouveaux looks.

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Recipe: Sweet Potato and Chickpea Cakes

Vegetarian recipe: sweet potato and chickpea cakes burgers patties with humous

So this is the first recipe I have done on the blog! Lewis and I are both vegetarians and seeing as sweet potatoes and chickpeas are big players in our diet, we thought why not combine them?! I have wanted to share this creation for while because it's super yummy and you can make a big batch and save it for the rest of the week. So let's get cooking!

Ingredients, what you will need to make vegetarian recipe sweet potato and chickpea cakes burgers patties

You will need 
- 2 medium sweet potatoes 
- 1 large can of chickpeas 
- 1 onion 
- 2 cloves of garlic 
- 1 egg
- Flour
- Oil

Vegetarian sweet potato and chickpea cakes burger patties recipe mixture

1. Grate the sweet potatoes and fry in oil until soft. Set aside in a large bowl.

2. Fry the chopped onion and garlic and add to the sweet potato mixture.

3. Briefly whizz the can of chickpeas in a food processor (or mash them with a fork if, like us, you're not lucky enough to own such a machine or just fancy a work out). Add to the mixture bowl.

4. Add one beaten egg, seasoning and flour (enough to bind the mixture) and mix together.

Making and frying sweet potato and chickpea cakes burgers patties vegetarian recipe

5. Now for the fun part! Heat a fair amount of oil on a high heat in a frying pan.

6. Create the round cakes by scooping mixture onto a wooden spoon, shaping with your hand and sprinkling with flour.

7. Put the cake in the frying pan, flour side down and sprinkle the upward side with flour too.

Frying sweet potato and chickpea cakes burgers patties vegetarian recipe

8. Continue until all the mixture is used!

9. Then I pop the cakes in the oven on a low heat to keep them warm while I fry slices of aubergine and cook some rice to go with the cakes. Serving with humous is highly recommended.

Sweet potato and chickpea cakes burgers patties vegetarian recipe serve with salad, humous, rice and fried aubergine

10. Enjoy and bon appetit! I would love to hear from you if you try this recipe! x

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

All White

How to wear short white dungareees
Vintage white short dungarees and white crop top Topshop
How to wear all white outfit ootd
SS15 trends frayed white denim raw hem and Adidas Stan Smiths
White vintage dungarees, Topshop white crop top and Adidas Stan Smiths all white outfit
Vintage white short dungarees / Topshop white crop top / Adidas Stan Smith trainers
Location: 3rd arrondissement, Paris

I had been wanting to shoot this outfit for a while but then the god damn weather keeps not being warm enough for bare legs and an all white outfit. Sure, we can all agree that wearing just white is extremely impractical, the realities of which I discovered yesterday after having worn this outfit to delivery day at work and not shooting this until the evening. Despite risks of obvious marks, I will keep championing the all white look all summer, it's just lovely and fresh.

Ça fait longtemps que j'ai voulu prendre des photos de cet outfit mais récemment il faisait pas assez beau pour des jambes nues et un outfit tout en blanc. Bien-sûr qu'on est d'accord que portant du blanc est vachement impraticable et je l'ai découvert hier quand j'ai porté cet outfit pour toute la journée de livraison au taf avant de prendre des photos le soir. Même si je risque d'avoir des tâches évidentes, je continuerai de soutenir le look tout blanc cet été, il est juste beau et tout frais. 

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Friday, 5 June 2015

Hat politics

Seventies ss15 trends white crochet jumper
How to wear ss15 seventies trend crochet suede skirt big floppy hat
SS15 trends seventies big wide brim green floppy hat
How to style SS15 trends seventies crochet suede dr martens
Green floppy big hat seventies
How to style crochet, suede, Dr Martens and a big hat
All vintage except Dr Martens boots
Location: rue du Temple, 75004 Paris

I have been looking for the right hat for a while now. It's difficult because do you go for a wide floppy brim? A straight and structured shape? Or a round one? I know, hat politics. This one is great because the head section is slightly structured and the brim is slightly floppy - best of both worlds. 

I paired my beloved new hat with this gorgeous crochet jumper layered over the perfect button down suede skirt (it's so perfect that it's featured on the blog quite recently, lucky thing). Which type of hat is winning your vote? 

Ça fait longtemps que je cherche le chapeau parfait. C'est difficile parce qu'on choisit un bord flexible et grand? Une forme structurée? Ou un chapeau rond? La politique des chapeaux! Celui-ci est génial parce que la partie de tête est un peu structurée et le bord est un peu souple - le meilleur de tous. 

J'ai porté mon nouveau chapeau adoré avec ce pull en crochet chouette par-dessus cette jupe en daim parfaite (elle est si parfaite qu'elle était déjà sur le blog il y a pas longtemps, la chance). Quel chapeau gagne ta vote dans la politique?

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sports Tailoring

How to mix sportswear and tailoring, Adidas Stan Smiths, Topshop orange crop top
Topshop orange crop how to style
How to add stylish details to outfits, fun socks, bright colours
Adidas Stan Smiths and Cos stripy socks
How to style orange ss15 trends
Topshop orange crop / Vintage tailored trousers / Adidas Stan Smiths / COS socks
Location: Tour Saint Jacques, 75001 Paris

Happy hump day lovelies! Just a simple outfit mixing tailoring and sports vibes, which I find is the perfect outfit for work. I was drawn to this orange Topshop crop like a moth to a flame, and let's face it, I'm probably going to end up getting it in white and black because it's just great.

Just a brief one from me today as I have lots to do before I head back home to Bristol for a long weekend on Thursday evening. I am so excited as I haven't been back since Christmas so I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with family and friends over good food and lots of G&Ts. Cheers!

Bon mercredi les chéris! Juste un outfit simple qui mélange du façonnage et du style sport, ce qui je trouve parfait pour bosser. Dès que j'ai vu ce crop orange de Topshop, il fallait que je l'achète, et honnêtement, j'imagine que je l'achèterai en blanc et en noir parce qu'il est génial.

Juste une parole brève aujourd'hui parce que j'ai plein de choses à faire avant que je rentre à Bristol pour un weekend prolongé jeudi soir. La dernière fois que je suis rentré était à Noël alors j'ai trop hâte de passer du temps avec ma famille et mes potes en mangeant de la bonne bouffe et en buvant des Gin & Tonics. Santé!

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Vintage shopping in Amsterdam

This post has been a long time coming seeing as I went to Amsterdam two months ago but it's always useful information that never really becomes irrelevant to you travellers out there. Vintage shopping in Amsterdam is excellent - it almost rivals Paris, which I have already cited as the best city for vintage clothes - check out my Paris vintage shopping guide here. Anyway, back to Amsterdam. Most of the vintage shops are located in the Nine Streets District, along with lots of other boutiques and amazing looking cafés so here are my picks.

Ça fait longtemps que je voulais écrire cette poste vu que je suis allée à Amsterdam il y a deux mois. Bref, c'est pas grave parce que l'info est toujours utile pour les voyageurs. Le shopping vintage à Amsterdam est génial - il pourrait être un rival de Paris qui j'ai déjà dit est la meilleur ville pour acheter les fringues vintage - regardes ma guide du shopping vintage à Paris ici. Bref, on reviens à Amsterdam. La plupart des friperies sont dans le quartier des 'Neuf Rues', comme beaucoup d'autres boutiques et des cafés, alors voici mes préférés. 

Episode vintage shop Amsterdam Nine Streets District
Episode vintage shop Amsterdam Nine Streets district
Episode - Berenstraat, 1
Episode is certainly the most well known vintage shop in Amsterdam, thanks to their various other European locations, such as Paris and Copenhagen. Their selection is extensive, covering two large floors at their shop in the Nine Streets district. You can find pretty much anything you have been looking for here, from Burberry trench coats to retro Adidas trainers and cropped Lacoste polo shirts. The prices are good too - pick up a much sought after pair of Levis jeans for 25€, t-shirts and custom tops for just 12€ or sunglasses for 10€. Highly recommended.

C'est sûr qu'Episode est la friperie la plus connue à Amsterdam, grâce à leurs autres boutiques en Europe, genre à Paris et à Copenhague. La sélection est considérable - la boutique dans le quartier des neuf rues est sur deux grandes étages. Tu peux trouver presque tous que tu cherchais, comme des trenchs Burberry, des baskets rétro d'Adidas et des polos crops de Lacoste. Les prix sont géniaux aussi - trouves le jean Levis de tes rêves à 25€, des tee-shirts et des hauts personnalisés pour 12€ et des lunettes de soleil à 10€. Bien conseillé. 

Other locations / D'autres adresses:
- Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, 61
- Waterlooplein, 1
- Spuistraat, 96

Zipper vintage shop Amsterdam Nine Streets District
Zipper vintage shop Amsterdam Nine Streets district shopping
Zipper - Huidenstraat, 7
A cute little vintage shop with just an amazingly decorated ceiling and chandelier! There's a great selection of velvet, modern dresses as well as seventies flared trousers and vintage skirts for 25€. Accessories are cheap - just 5€ for a woollen scarf or beanie. Downstairs, amongst the vintage flannel shirts, sequins and army jackets, you'll find a good choice of brand new Weekday and Cheap Monday jeans, including some velvet ones, which I was lusting after!

Une friperie mignon avec un plafond incroyable et un chandelier! Il y a une bonne sélection des robes modernes en velours ainsi que des pantalons pattes d'eph des années 70s et des jupes vintages touts à 25€. Les accessoires sont des belles affaires - juste 5€ pour une echarpe en laine ou un bonnet. Au sous-sol, parmi des chemises en flanelle, des paillettes et des vestes militaires, tu trouves une bonne choix de jeans neufs des marques Weekday et Cheap Monday, inclus ceux en velours que j'ai trop kiffé!

Marbles vintage shop shopping Amsterdam
Marbles Vintage shop shopping Amsterdam
Marbles Vintage - Ferdinand Bolstraat, 28
We stumbled across Marbles Vintage quite by accident after a lovely brunch in De Pijp and I'm so glad we did! The selection is great - you can find some more individual, different items that I didn't see in other vintage shops, such as velvet bodies and hippy, boho tops. The prices are pretty good too - great leather jackets for 50€ and Levi denim shorts for 20€. The shoe selection is also a treat.

On a trouvé Marbles Vintage par hasard après un bon brunch dans le quartier du De Pijp et je suis trop contente qu'on l'avait découvert! La sélection est géniale - tu peux trouver des pièces différentes que dans les autres friperies, genre des bodies en velours et des tops hippy. Les prix sont bons aussi - des perfectos magnifiques à 50€ et des shorts en jean Levis à 20€. La sélection de chaussures est juste top. 

Other locations / D'autres adresses:
- Nieuwe Hoogstraat, 12
- Haarlemmerdijk, 64

Laura Dols vintage shop Amsterdam Nine Street District shopping
Vintage shop Laura Dols in Amsterdam Nine Streets district shopping
Laura Dols - Wolvenstraat, 7
A much more up market vintage shop, well boutique. It definitely has that boutique feel - everything is beautifully presented and there are some really unique pieces. There is even a fancy dress floor downstairs where there are big Moulin Rouge style petticoats, ball gowns and sparkly bustiers. Expensive, but worth a look just for the pure pleasure. 

Une friperie plus haute gamme, plutôt une boutique qu'une friperie en fait - tous est bien présenté et il y a des pièces vraiment uniques. En plus, il y a même une étage au sous-sol pour le déguisement où tu peux trouver des jupes du style du Moulin Rouge, des robes de soirées magnifiques et des bustiers qui brilles. Cher mais il vaut le coup de regarder, juste pour le plaisir. 

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