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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Travel: Stockholm, A Mini Food Guide

Hello! And welcome to the second instalment of my Sweden posts - a mini food guide to beautiful city of Stockholm. Lewis and I are both vegetarians so when travelling it can sometimes be hard to find places to eat. Luckily, Sweden caters pretty well for vegetarians - they even sell quorn - so we managed to find some little gems that meat eaters would love also for sure!

Vegetarian curry at vegetarian restaurant Chutney in Stockholm
Chutney - Best vegetarian restaurant cafe in Södermalm, Stockholm
Chutney - Where to eat find good vegetarian food in Stockholm
Chutney - Katarina Bangata 19, Södermalm, Stockholm

First stop on the culinary tour had to be the famous vegetarian cafe/restaurant, Chutney, in the heart of Södermalm and it was a god send for us. It was so good that we went there twice and I would definitely recommend this place regardless of whether you eat meat or not. The menu changes daily and there are four different options for the cheap lunch menu costing 88kr (98kr on weekends). Both times we went for the curry option - one being a creamy thai curry and the second one being a lentil dhal - but there is also usually a veggie bean burger, pasta dish and chilli sin carne. If you go for lunch during the week then you get free second helping! My kind of place. 

Outside Gildas Rum cafe in Södermalm, Stockholm
Afternoon tea and cake, fika
Best cafes in Södermalm, Stockholm
Best places to fika in Stockholm
Retro, vintage cafe Gildas Rum in Södermalm, Stockholm
Gildas Rum - Skånegatan 79, Södermalm, Stockholm

Now, everyone likes to take a tea or coffee break amongst friends, munching on some delicious cake or baked good right? Well in Sweden, this is what they call "fika". In fact, it's not just a coffee break but a social phenomenon that we just had to take part in. We fika-ed twice in the beautifully decorated Gildas Rum cafe in Södermalm. In true fika style, Lewis and I shared a chocolate mud cake and raspberry & caramel tart whilst I sipped on mint tea and Lewis had an orange juice. It was just delicious and a perfect tradition to be honouring while Stockholm experienced some serious rainfall. 

Falafel and humous at FLFL in Södermalm, Stockholm
Me drinking wine in Södermalm, Stockholm
FLFL - Skånegatan 87, Södermalm, Stockholm

The little restaurant is about to get a serious compliment from me. I have tasted quite a few falafel and humous dishes in my time and although nothing will ever beat Chez Hanna in Paris, FLFL comes in at a close second. This enormous plate of humous was delicious - smooth and creamy with some soft, not at all dry falafel balls on top for just 95kr. We ordered a baked sweet potato and some chips to share on the side which were the perfect accompaniment. This down-to-earth cafe is situated on the buzzing Skånegatan where there are lots of bars for continuing the evening afterwards. Just great.

Kanelbulle swedish cinnamon bun fika
And lastly, you just have to try Swedish sweet buns - they are the perfect snack or dessert that can be found in any bakery. This one is a cinnamon bun but you can also get cardamon, vanilla or just sugar ones. Yum.

I hope you enjoyed this little food insight into Stockholm! For more Sweden posts, check out my Stockholm Photo Diary and I have a shopping guide and archipelago posts to come!

Izzie x

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Harbourside Attire

How to style striped midi skirt and topshop white crop top
Striped midi skirt vintage and silver belt
Outfit of the day ootd midi skirt and converse
Topshop white crop top and Ray Bans Wayfarer ootd
Minimal style striped skirt white crop and silver belt
Vintage midi skirt / Topshop crop top / Converse trainers / Vintage bandana / Vintage belt / Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
Location: Vaxholm harbour, Sweden

I'm not usually one for a midi skirt but I find this one really flattering, comfortable and super casual for exploring on holiday in Sweden. Of course it's an absolute bonus that it's striped - a print that I have a ongoing love affair with, that I cannot see ending anytime soon. I kept it simple pairing this blue and white pinstripe skirt with black and white accessories annnd this silver belt, just well, because.

I've got lots more posts planned from my trip to Sweden including a mini guide on places to eat, vintage shopping in Stockholm and tips for exploring Sweden's archipelago region. So keep that finger on refresh ;)

Normalement je porte pas des jupes midi mais j'aime bien la forme de celle-ci - elle est confortable et super casuel pour explorer en Suède. Bien sûr que c'est un plus qu'elle est en rayures - un motif que je kiffe vraiment depuis longtemps et je vois pas que cet amour finira bientôt! Avec la jupe, j'ai gardé une tenue simple en mettant des accessoires noirs et blancs etttt cette ceinture argentée, juste, parce que…

J'ai plein de posts prévus sur la Suède y compris une petite guide de la bouffe, les friperies à Stockholm et les conseils pour aller dans la nature. Sois patient! ;)

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Travel: Stockholm Photo Diary

View of central Stockholm
Me in Djurgården park in Stockholm with Kanken rucksack
Hej hej! Hello! I'm back from a wonderful week long trip to Sweden and I am excited to share lots of photos and travel tips with you. Discovering new parts of this wonderful world is one of my favourite things so I really enjoy putting together these posts! So without further ado, welcome to part one of (probably) four Sweden posts - a photo diary of the super cool capital, Stockholm. 

Pastel coloured houses in Sodermalm, Stockholm
Buildings in Sodermalm, Stockholm
We spent most of our time in the much hyped area of Sodermalm and I can certainly see what all the fuss is about. It's really chilled, with lots of space  and we loved exploring it's little backstreets and alleyways. We stumbled across a nice walkway in Mariaberget - an area in north west Sodermalm - where there are aaaamazing views over Stockholm! And of course, no area would be complete without some awesome places to eat and there certainly is in Sodermalm. Keep your eyes peeled for my foodie post coming up!
Where to hang out in Sodermalm, Vita Bergen park, Stockholm
Vita Bergen park in Stockholm
The Vita Bergen park in Sodermalm, right next to the buzzing Skånegatan, is a lush haven on a hill with views over the city and a clear hangout favourite for young Swedes on summer evenings. It's like a little community up high with classic Swedish cabin style houses and its own church!
Coloured streets in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Living in the white city of Paris, I was completely taken by the gorgeous pastel and rustic hues in Stockholm. The little narrow streets in the central island of Gamla Stan is lovely for just strolling around. Make sure you look up!
Places to visit in Stockholm - Stadshuset city hall
View of Sodermalm, Stockholm
Me in the courtyard of Stadshuset city hall Stockholm
Architecture of Stadshuset city hall Stockholm
Across the water from my beloved Sodermalm is the laid-back and mainly residential area of Kungsholmen, in which we had a lovely evening stroll towards its main attraction - Stadshuset, the city hall. The building is beautiful, both from outside by the harbour and inside the impressive courtyard. There are also awesome views of Sodermalm from Kungsholmen. 
Blue gate entrance for Djurgården park island in Stockholm
House boats on Stockholm harbour
Stockholm is made up of about 14 islands, each connected by bridges and ferries and each with their own character and uniqueness. Djurgården island is one massive park, which is a great place to escape to. It also houses many of the city's famous museums, including Skansen the world's largest outdoor museum and…the ABBA museum! God I so wanted to go but I couldn't persuade the other half to spend 20€ on looking at Abba costumes and experiencing what it might be like to be the fifth member of Abba. Maybe next time eh?!
Architecture in Sodermalm, Stockholm
Picturesque Swedish colourful houses in Sodermalm, Stockholm
Sunset in Stockholm
I hope you have enjoyed the first instalment of my Sweden posts! If you are considering a trip over to Sweden or even just Stockholm, I say DO IT! The people are so friendly and it's so beautiful yet not too touristy, which are some key ingredients for a great holiday! For some more tips, stay tuned for a mini foodie guide, shopping advice in Stockholm and a post on the beautiful nature in Stockholm's archipelago.

Salut! Je suis revenue des vacances en Suède, j'ai passé une très bonne semaine et j'ai hâte de partager mes photos et mes conseils. Voilà la première partie de (probablement) quatre posts sur la Suède et on commence par un journal des photos de Stockholm! Mon quartier préféré de Stockholm est, sans doute, Sodermalm. Il est détendu, beau et avec plein d'espace pour se balader tranquillement. Le parc, Vita Bergen en Sodermalm, est super pour passer une soirée d'été entre potes aussi! 

En habitant dans Paris - la ville blanche - j'ai trop kiffé les couleurs vives et pastels des bâtiments à Stockholm. L'île central de Gamla Stan est super pour se balader dans des petites rues mignons avec plein de couleurs! Il faut aussi visiter le quartier de Kungsholmen qui est assez résidentiel mais trop beau. L'étoile de ce quartier est l'hôtel de ville, Stadshuset car l'architecture est magnifique et il y a des belles vues de Sodermalm d'ici.

Stockholm consiste de 14 îles, chacun avec son propre caractère. Djurgården est un île qui est complètement un parc - super pour se détendre. Il y a aussi plein de musées sur cet île y compris Skansen et la musée d'Abba! Je voulais trop y aller mais Lewis n'était pas convaincu. La prochaine fois hein?! 

Voila, j'espere que tu as aimé mes photos de Stockholm! Il y a d'autres posts qui - viennent sur la bouffe, le shopping à Stockholm et la nature de l'archipelago. 

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Off to Sweden!

What to pack for a holiday to Sweden

Weeeeeyyyy my time has finally come!! I'm off on holiday tomorrow to Sweden for a week with Lewis and I cannot wait! We are staying in what sounds like an idyllic house in the countryside just south of Stockholm (Airbnb, obvs) and we're hiring a car so we can do trips into the city and to the surrounding islands, Sweden's archipelago. We're going to have no wifi in the house (!!!) and although I'm tempted to completely cut myself from the internet world for a week, I shall indeed be posting updates on Instagram.

Have a great week my lovelies and I hope you're looking forward to some Sweden travel posts when I'm back! Puss puss, as they say in Swedish! xx

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