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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

That Frilly Seventies Blouse

Seventies 70s frilly cream blouse with printed skinny scarf
How to wear and style a white cream frilly blouse
SS15 and AW15 trend: cream and white frilly blouse
Lace detailing on cream blouse
How to style a modern 70s seventies outfit ootd
Vintage cream white frilly blouse and suede button down skirt
The must-have 70s seventies accessories for AW15
All items vintage or secondhand
Suede skirt - WAREHOUSE (via ASOS), Blouse - ASOS, sunglasses - RAY BAN, skinny scarf - ASOS, trainers - CONVERSE (via OFFICE)
Location: Passatge de Méndez Vigo, Barcelona

I bought this blouse quite a few months ago now, perhaps during the heatwave of June/July, so maybe that's why it has been a little overlooked, until now. Just look at how beautiful and intricate the lace detailing is! The sleeves are just completely boho heaven and I love the cropped length - perfect for wearing with a, now classic, suede A-line button down skirt. If that wasn't 70s enough, I've added this lovely patterned skinny scarf and tucked this 5€ secondhand sunglasses into the shirt. Ideally, I would finish off this outfit with some black suede boots (either platformed or not) but I am yet to find my perfect pair so Converse will have to do for now. If any of you have seen a good go-to pair of black winter boots, give me a hollaaaaa.

I'm heading to Paris today for Fashion Week, ohhhh yeah! So make sure you follow me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER for live gossip and looks!

J'ai acheté ce chemisier il y a quelques mois mais, peut-être à cause de la canicule de juin/juillet, je ne vous l'ai pas montré, jusqu'à maintenant. Regardez comment elle est belle la dentelle! Les manches sont parfaites pour la tendance "boho" et j'aime bien qu'il est crop - parfait à mettre avec une classique jupe en daim boutonnée. Pour ajouter en plus de vibes 70s, j'ai ajouté un foulard imprimé super mince et j'ai mis mes lunettes de soleil ronds au col du chemisier. Dans un monde parfait, je finirais ce look avec des bottillons en daim (compensés ou pas) mais je n'ai pas encore les parfaits. Du coup, pour l'instant, j'ai mis des Converse. Si vous voyez des bottillons parfaits pour hiver, dites-moiiiii!

Je vais à Paris aujourd'hui pour Fashion Week, aaaaouiiii! Alors suivez-moi sur INSTAGRAM et TWITTER pour les nouvelles directes!

Izzie x

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Monday, 28 September 2015

Paris Fashion Week: The Preparations

Paris Fashion Week preparations outfit planning, what to take to PFW
Jacket - c/o MOTEL ROCKS, Trainers - VANS, Dungarees - Missguided (sold out), Round sunglasses - vintage, Pink bottle - Tiger, Lipstick - MAC

I am so excited to head back to Paris on Wednesday for Fashion Week! Once again, I am the official PFW reporter for MOTEL ROCKS who have kindly provided me with some awesome garms, including this amazing corduroy blazer. In true Izzie style, I'll be rocking a mixture of looks including seventies vibes and minimalistic. Of course, I have left some bits to the last minute but preparations are well under way and here are some of the essentials that I will be packing for five days of fashion and fun in Paris. 

I'll be snapping the best street style outside venues, catching up with friends and collaborating with some awesome designers and photographers that I know from my time living there. It's going to be an awesome few days so make sure you keep up to date by following me on INSTAGRAM  and TWITTER

J'ai trop hâte de rentrer sur Paris ce mercredi pour Fashion Week! Encore une fois, je suis la bloggeuse officielle pour MOTEL ROCKS qui m'a donné avec gentillesse des fringues magnifiques à porter, comme cette veste en velours côtelé. Comme d'hab, je mettrai un mélange de looks, y compris des années 70s et un look minimaliste. Bien-sûr que j'ai laissé quelques préparations au dernier minute mais voilà quelques must-haves pour mes cinq jours de fashion et fun à Paris.

Je prendrai en photo les meilleurs street style, verrai des potes et collaborerai avec des stylistes et photographes que j'ai rencontré quand j'ai habité à Paris. Ce sera super alors suivez-moi sur INSTAGRAM et TWITTER pour toutes les nouvelles direct de Fashion Week!

  Izzie x

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Friday, 25 September 2015

London Fashion Week SS16 Faves

Burberry Prorsum SS16 at London Fashion Week LFW
Burberry Prorsum has really nailed it for SS16 - chunky slider sandals, personalised nylon backpacks and a mostly monochrome palate makes this collection right up my street. I find this collection edgier than Burberry's usual stuff - I absolutely love this tough leather jacket with gold detailing and as a fan of slip dresses last summer, I am completely sold on the long silk dresses with spaghetti straps. There iss mixing of textures, such as silk and mesh on the same mini slip dress and different types of lace. Despite this being a Spring/Summer collection, I love the emphasis on coats. After all, it is always winter or cold in some part of the world and as a coat fanatic, the variety from the classic trench coat to capes to leather jackets was perfect.

Daks SS16 at London Fashion Week LFW
Daks was first show that I ever attended at London Fashion Week - in September 2013 for their SS14 collection - so, even though their style isn't usually my thing, I always check out their new collections season after season. I am seriously surprised at the switch from classic cuts and neutral shades to this seventies-inspired print and suede filled collection for SS16. I am such a fan of how they have turned classic seventies styles into modern tailoring, which, as we will see in Topshop Unique's collection, is the way forward for SS16.

Topshop Unique SS16 at London Fashion Week LFW
The Topshop Unique SS16 collection shows that this season's Eighties trend is here to stay for Spring/Summer 2016 but we are replacing the disco sequins for power suit tailoring. The styling of this trend is key - Topshop paired spotty cropped trousers, high waisted leather skirts and crisp shirts with mannish blazers, tied together with a skinny belt. There are softer sides to the collection, which I love, such as floral tea dresses and decorative pyjama-style daywear. To my delight, the faux fur trend is still going strong - in the form of clutch bags, long stoles thrown over the shoulder and that gorgeous pastel pink coat. 

Orla Kiely at London Fashion Week LFW
Orla Kiely is always a collection I look forward to and this year did not disappoint! The setting was perfect - a mini golf course on which Orla's super stylish girls were tottering around in their amazing platform tan heels and sixties get-ups. If playing golf was genuinely like this, I'd say 'pass me a club' instantly! The colours are lovely bright pastels - if I can describe colours in that way - and the prints are floral and psychedelic. Oh, it's all just amazing.  

Le Kilt SS16 and Molly Goddard SS16 at London Fashion Week LFW
I felt some serious nostalgia when I saw both Le Kilt and Molly Goddard's SS16 collections, for the late nineties/early noughties. Le Kilt had me convinced instantly with all the model sporting high top Converse, which were my shoe of choice throughout my teens and the grudgy bar setting is my perfect Friday night hangout. Molly Goddard's tutu dresses take me back to my teens as well although back then I would have chosen black mesh over rusty pink any day but this dress is just beautiful.

MM6 Maison Margiela SS16 and Ashish SS16 at London Fashion Week LFW
And I have to give a quick mention to the best of the wacky by MM6 Maison Margiela and Ashish. MM6's collection feels like a mix between nostalgic Eighties disco and futuristic sci-fi nerd in the use of lots of sequins and plastic, which looks like plastic bags. It kind of works. I'm not how prêt-à-porter the styling is but some of the individual pieces are amazing. As for Ashish - what isn't there to love about skater girls dressed in sequin dresses? I already had a hankering to take up skateboarding and now I'm convinced.

So that's golf and skateboarding that this season's shows at London Fashion Week have made me think about taking up…I'm not sure that was the point but anyway. Most importantly, I have been given some serious inspiration for SS16 already! I cannot wait to get out on the streets of Paris next week for the White City's Fashion Week. Make sure you follow me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER to keep up to date with my adventures!

Izzie x

Photo credit:

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Temporary Flat Tour

Mismatch vintage chairs and table inspiration in Airbnb apartment Barcelona
Cactus, jam jar and candle ornaments inspiration in Airbnb apartment Barcelona
Blogging and work space in Airbnb apartment Barcelona
Inspirational inspo life poster in Airbnb apartment Barcelona
Recycled old vintage retro vegetable crates made into bookshelves in Airbnb apartment Barcelona
Recycled table with lava lamp 90s in Airbnb apartment Barcelona
Simple simplistic bedroom with balcony in Airbnb apartment Barcelona
View from Airbnb apartment Barcelona
Wooden retro chair in Airbnb apartment Barcelona

Hello lovelies!

So as you may or may not know, I recently moved from Paris to Barcelona for a change of scenery and to mix things up. Starting out in a new city is always difficult so it's nice to have a great base from which to set yourself up from. Cue Airbnb scouring of flats until we found these gorgeous two rooms in a flat share with a lovely German girl. 

I always love flat/bedroom/office space tour posts so I thought I'd share with you where we're going to be living for the next month. Of course I cannot take credit for much of the interior design here but I hope it's great inspiration for you!

My favourite feature of this flat is the mixture of chairs around the beaten up wooden table. I am instantly drawn to cafes that are decorated with completely un-matching furniture so this is definitely something I would plan to do in my home. I love the use of old materials such old vegetable crates turned on their side for bookshelves - such a simple and cheap way of decorating your home but it looks so awesome! Of course I had to christen the dining table/office space with a mini-cactus and I am planning to get some good-sized one when we get our own place. Finally, can we just talk about the floor? How amazing are the colourful and rustic tiles that features throughout? Just love it. 

So there you go - just a little tour of where we are living right now. I cannot wait to get my own place, put my mark on it and show it off to you lot! 

Coucou! Je sais pas si tu sais mais je viens de déménager de Paris à Barcelone pour changer un peu. Il est toujours difficile de commencer dans un nouveau pays du coup c'est une bonne idée de trouver une base géniale au début. On a trouvé la notre sur Airbnb bien-sûr - nous avons une chambre et un salon à nous et nous partageons la cuisine et la salle de bains avec une allemande chou. 

J'aime toujours des postes qui montrent l'appartement/la chambre/le bureau de quelqu'un du coup je voulais faire une, même si je peux pas trop m'attribuer le mérite pour le décor, l'inspiration est super pour toi et pour moi aussi!

La chose que j'aime la plus de l'appartement est l'usage de plein de chaises différentes autour de la table en bois. Je kiffe les cafés qui se meuble avec des meubles complètement alors je ferais pareil chez moi. J'aime bien qu'on utilise les veuilles boîtes de légumes pour mettre les bouquins - super simple et pas cher du tout mais elles sont belles comme ça! Bien-sûr qu'il fallait mettre un mini-cactus sur la table et j'achèterai des plus grands quand j'ai trouvé "chez moi". Et finalement, il faut qu'on parle du sol - comment ils sont trop beaux les carreaux?! Je les kiiiiiffffffe. 

Er voilà! Un petit tour d'où nous restons en ce moment. J'ai trop hâte de trouver mon appartement, de le décorer moi-même et puis le montrer à toi!

Izzie x

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Is Double Suede OK?

Double suede, seventies 70s trend, button down suede skirt and shirt
Slogan tee t-shirt and suede shirt
How to style wear double suede seventies
How to style a slogan tee t-shirt with button down suede skirt
How to wear a vintage retro slogan tee t-shirt
How to style wear the seventies trend with button down suede skirt and round sunglasses
How to wear double suede, suede skirt and shirt
All items vintage or second hand except Vagabond sandals via ASOS (sold out)
Location: Plaça Comercial, Barcelona

So it has been established that double denim is not only acceptable but also at the height of fashion right now, but what about double suede? This actually happened by accident - I was already wearing this awesome button down mixed suede skirt and cute slogan tee when I thought I might need an extra layer to be sure. I glanced in my wardrobe and thought, 'dare I? Double suede?' Lewis instantly told me 'no' but I went with it anyway (always) and I actually really like it. Turns out I did not need that extra layer on a Sunday of 22 degrees in Barcelona but the idea allowed me to experiment. 

What do you think? Yay or nay? 

Alors, le double denim c'est ok, c'est même super tendance en ce moment mais moi, je veux vous parler du daim double. Je n'ai pas fait exprès - je portais déjà cette jupe en daim magnifique et ce tee-shirt slogan mignon quand je me suis dis, ce serait bien d'apporter une couche, pour être sûr. J'ai regardé dans mon placard et j'ai pensé 'j'ose? Le daim double?' Lewis m'avait dit 'non' directement mais, comme d'hab, je l'ai porté comme même et je le kiffe! En fait, il ne fallait pas une deuxième couche ce dimanche de 22 degrés à Barcelone mais cela m'a permis d'expérimenter comme même.

Vous aimez ou pas?

Izzie x

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Next Chapter: Barcelona

Life update me on Barcelona beach
Hello my lovely readers. So, I moved to Barcelona. That's the big news. Early on Sunday morning, I boarded a train armed with all my belongings and waved goodbye to my beloved adopted city of Paris. Six hours later, I arrived in Barcelona for a new adventure, a new life. 'Why?' you may ask - and this is a very good question. Apart from my hometown of Bristol, Paris is without doubt my absolute favourite place on this precious earth and contains some of the most amazing people that I am blessed to have in my life. I had a secure job in vintage fashion, which should have been a dream, but it actually was not, due to reasons out of my control (management etc) and at some point you just have to call it quits.
New beginnings in Barcelona, me on Barcelona beach
The world is a big place, I love travelling and exploring so, even though I loved feeling settled in Paris, it makes sense that I would make moving around a part of my life. I was in Paris, now I'm in Barcelona, I would love to live in Berlin someday and in a few months I may have a visa for Canada. It's exciting and I'm lucky enough to have someone who is just as passionate - if not more so - about doing this. So finally, after years of complaining about not having time for you, dear blog, I find myself in a new city full of possibilities and in self-imposed unemployment. It's extremely daunting and I am scared of failing - my excuse for the lack of blog posts previously being a full time job etc but now I am free. I hope you will enjoy discovering this city as much as I will love bringing it to you. Oh and never fear, I'm back to Paris for Fashion Week at the end of the month so if you're going to miss those unmistakably Parisian backdrops or guide to top places to hang out, never fear, you will have your fix soon. And so will I.

Here's to you Barcelona and the new chapter! x

Living in Barcelona, travel blogger
All vintage except Ray Bans Wayfarer sunglasses

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